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The Miracle Minds Company

We are a Creative Design Agency that offers heavenly ideas with divine execution. Our approach is uniquely inspired by Exodus 16:4 & 7 "...I will rain down bread from heaven for you...and in the morning you will see the glory of the Lord...", which suggests that we have the ability to bring forth fresh, innovative, and powerful, design and content with a prompt turnaround. Would you believe us if we told you the Miracle Minds Company became established at the dining room table of an old friend's house in 2019? Or that same day, our logo was just a drawing on a piece of scrap paper? But, it only took three (yes, 3!) attempts in minutes before it was finished and digitized in just hours! Yep, that could be you, but the reality is we all won't have the same starting point. So, allow Miracle Minds to help get you to your expected end. We understand our ability to be creative as our Creator intended, and we use all of our senses and still imagine more. We express this through a framework to achieve high-quality design and results. With values such as Humility, Thankfulness, Wisdom, and Respect, alongside our creativity. We use our different gifts and abilities to spearhead the marketplace. And are diligently creating, producing quality, compelling materials for you and your business. You both deserve a group of individuals who will tend to its needs as their own. Here at The Miracle Minds Company, we do just that! With a combination of creative services, innovations, and education, we yield captivating results in areas such as, Web Design, Social Media, Visual Branding and more. 


Let's Get Started

Businessman on Phone

Divine Discovery Call

This 15-minute consultation is the first step in discovering some of the ins and outs of your business's creative needs. Whether it's a logo, website, or social media service, we're so excited to begin this imaginative journey with you. We look forward to speaking with you today.



Heavenly Ideas

Professor & Students

Do not be anxious about anything, but present your requests, and we will do our part and cater to your business needs by implementing the strategy discussed in your call/consultation. Relax and let the fun begin! Our team of heavenly creative individuals will go about designing a unique brand experience for your potential clients/customers on and offline, leaving you with divinely executed results.

Woman Scrapbooking

Divine Execution

With a combination of creative services, innovations, and education, your business has now reached its fullest potential! After speaking with us and receiving your new design package(s) we want you to be free to be the divine Boss that you are. And to ease some of that boss-like stress, we offer ongoing services. Now it's time to let us worry about upkeep and maintenance across the board from your branding, social media, website, and everything else in between. If you didn't start with us, not a problem, we're still eager to help you see heavenly ideas in real-time.


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