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Ashley is an experienced Creative Director. Who's demonstrated successful history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. She's skilled in Logo Design, Creativity, Management, and more. As a millennial, Ashley is a confident, resourceful creative. With the God-given ability to quickly identify design and branding inconsistencies. Then improves them with top-notch results. That'll make you say, "wow, I've never thought about that!" Ashley studied Business Communications and Graphic Design. She has become a leader, a visionary, and now the Founder and Creative Director of The Miracle Minds Company. As a native New Yorker, Ashley has developed a love for arts, people, and knowing how to make something out of nothing. You can rest assured that she uses her "street smarts" to stay on top of the constantly evolving design trends and navigates social media advances like the back of her hand. She applies inbound social media strategy tested and proved. So, don't worry, she's certified! Ashley helps ease the stress of entrepreneurs like yourself. By thinking outside of the box for you. Her attention to detail is undeniable. It allows Miracle Minds to create, plan, and deliver results in a richer and more strategic vision for clients. The energetic spirit she brings to any team she is on is a huge plus. Let her deliver heavenly ideas with divine execution for your business. And you focus on why you started it in the first place.

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Other Professionals Say


"During our time working together, I found Ashley to be a clear, precise, and assertive communicator and I could see her enthusiasm for learning and growth across all of our interactions. She is always ready to learn anything and everything, whether it is about marketing and branding, project management, or client relationships. Ashley's attitude is very positive and she is adaptable to the max. I am thoroughly impressed with how she takes initiative."

Rachel S.

Flashpoint Inc.